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Roasty Toasty Crispy Sephora by xvmprsgrlx Roasty Toasty Crispy Sephora by xvmprsgrlx
There is a complex story that lead up to this point.  It might not even be a terribly palatable story for some.  It started with a half-unicorn lad by the name of Sephora, though his history goes back further into the past than this moment or the event that lead up to it.  We could share the story of the aggressive stallion of his herd that reigned a thousand or so years and thought that Sephora was his son (he wasn't, he is the son of the wizard Allistor).  Over a thousand years is a long time, of course, and Seph only had to deal with a mere 729 of that.  The details of that are long and complex, so we could fast forward to the moment where Seph, after finally uniting with his real family, had push come to shove and he conjured up a bunch of daemons into himself and cut off the stallion's horn.  He might have killed him, too, given that it isn't wise to push a nice person into losing his temper.  But his sister Alyssa stopped him.

There were lots of other elements to this story.  It involved so many other people like Zephyra the Great Daemon, Aramina, Eve, Sophie (half-unicorn-half-human sister), Alyssa (fire demon sister), Allistor, Alabastor (his mother), Gemeinhardt and a cursed gem that flooded her bloodstream and gave her immense power and turned her immensely evil, and Lucifel who was the same, except much worse.  It involved his complex alchemical structure that permitted the existence of a half-human-half-unicorn (and dear god, he had a sister too??) and the involvement of Lucifel hacking into this structure during the vulnerable stage of the conjurer holding so many demons inside of him at once.

Splice, splice, splice, splice.  The morning after had their forest full of corruption and corrupted alchemical experimental chimeras of Sephora.  The poor lad had even been conjoined with Zephyra whose power permitted multiples and omnipresence.  Everyone did what they could to solve the problem.  But in the end, the forest was full of these things and Lucifel was very skilled at dismantling all of their attempts to help the situation.

The very pinnacle of this story is here, where there was both inevitable defeat and a terrible solution that appeared to be the only thing to work.  Sephora decided on a mass geno-suicide of all things in the forest and drew in his sister's (she is a fire daemon) to burn them all.

I left out lots of the details.  There's the part about having Aramina under a curse to turn her into a unicorn and she fell in love with Sephora due to forgetting her entire life as anything else.  That curse and that relationship eventually ended.  There's the part about Sephora calling up Zephyra for help regarding the stallion, and she revealed that he is the only unicorn in his herd (and this included his fellow half-thing sister) who was capable of hatred.  There was the part about Eve hating him for pairing off with Aramina (though nobody knew at the time and he understands her hatred.)  There's also the creative slew of chimeras that Lucifel came up with that roamed the forest.  There's also the heartwarming part where Sephora unites with his real family and Allistor learns he has a son and Alyssa gained a best friend.  Oh yea, and the part where Alyssa killed one of the chimeras.

The last final detail is that one lucky chimera survived the mass genosuicide: the leprechaun.

Sephora Thomas Lyons Snow is © 2014 to Colleen "Janey" Chitty and Sarah Stone.

Thank you for the reference, :icongeoectomy-stock:
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March 8, 2016
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