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Catching Fire by Samirakate

What first caught my attention about this drawing was that the clouds in the background almost suggest that she has wings. I personally...

Art Trade: White Night by Gewalgon

To start, this is a beautiful piece that evokes from me, a peaceful night with a lot of fun to be had. In much of your work, your figur...

Protect by Furihime

This drawing has a story to offer, even if this is just a random character. You have succeeded in making me wonder why the unicorn want...

Classic by Coffeshere

I was attracted to this drawing first of the ones shown in the Critiquables section of DA. It stood out to me because of the light-hear...



Reality Changer by xvmprsgrlx
Reality Changer
Facebook | Etsy

I might come back to this one at another time.  We'll see.

Red is sort of a planeswalker.  She's not really much of a magic user, but she is very good at math.  There comes a point where math and magic just start to look the same.

She learned how to move into different dimensions from having to rescue her captain who was trapped in another one.  That's the overly short version of the story.

Red is an android and also really likes psychedelics.  She is also copyright to me.
Baby shower card by xvmprsgrlx
Baby shower card
Facebook | Etsy

A commission for one of my cousins who wanted something for a baby shower card.
Jennifer Celeste by xvmprsgrlx
Jennifer Celeste
Facebook | Etsy

A commission for Jennifer Celeste.  She is a thylacine and is enjoying company with an Arifly.

Her character belongs to her player.
Jasminelich2 by xvmprsgrlx

Facebook | Etsy

I haven't been making as much art because I have been writing instead. But now I have made new concept art.

New concept art of a lich design. This looks probably very similar to Ash, my other lich. But one of those reasons is because this is sort of one of her creations. This is a concept design of Jasmine's lich form. Jasmine is wearing one of Ash's cloaks and has Ash's staff in this picture. She has only one eye and some of her veins leftover from her previous body. Her skull is a wolf demon skull and so are the bones on her right side. So far, she has no midsection or left side. Her left side is made up of Jasmine's "imagination" of sorts and that gets complicated to explain. She basically 'wills' support on her left side until she can get stronger magic to fill in that support.


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